Make your own Christmas wreath

Make your own Christmas wreath

This easy DIY Christmas wreath will bring Christmas magic to your house this festive season.

What You’ll Need:

  1. 22 gauge paddle wire,
  2. 14 inch metal wire wreath frame (try two wire frames from Spotlight of floristry wholesalers),
  3. Faux flowers of your choosing (see the amazing range of faux florals at Smart Dollar and Target),
  4. Wire cutters,
  5. Wreath hangers, and
  6. Glitter aerosol spray (option).


  1. Take the paddle wire and attach it to your metal wire wreath frame, making sure it is nice and tight.
  2. Wrap the remaining wire tail around until securely attached to the frame.
  3. Do not cut the wire. This wreath uses one consecutive line of paddle wire throughout from start to finish. Move the paddle wire to the outside of the frame.
  4. Now for the fun part. Grab your wire cutters and start snipping your stems of faux florals into individual flowers and leaves ensuring you leave enough stem/wire on each leaf/flower to create bundles which can be easily attached.
  5. Create your individual bundles in a sequence. For example, Magnolia leaves, Spruce, Pine, Holly and Poinsettia.
  6. Lay your first bundle on top of the frame facing outwards and wrap the paddle wire around the bundle and the frame three times really tightly.
  7. Lay the second bundle on top of the first bundle (overlapping slightly), facing the second bundle outwards.
  8. Attach the second bundle using the paddle wire, wrapping the wire three times tightly to secure the bundle to the frame.
  9. Take the third bundle and lay it on top of the second bundle, facing inwards.
  10. Attach the third bundle using the paddle wire, wrapping the wire three times tightly to secure the bundle to the frame.
  11. Alternate the remaining bundles outward and inward, making sure to keep each bundle about the same size and overlapping each bundle until the frame is 95 percent covered in faux florals.
  12. To finish off the wreath place additional, individual floral stems and foliage, attaching the pieces to the frame using paddle wire, wrapping the wire around three times per piece tightly to secure them until the frame is completely covered.
  13. To end the wreath cut the paddle wire leaving a 12 – 18 inch tail and wrap the tail around one last time to get it to sit at the back of the wreath frame.
  14. Flip over the Christmas wreath and find a spot along the back of the wreath frame and start wrapping the paddle wire tightly around the exposed wire frame until the tail is completely tucked away.
  15. Attach the wreath hanger to your front door or internal wall and place the wreath onto the hanger. If using evergreen foliage add some flare to your wreath with some gold aerosol glitter spray, sprayed across the wreath.