Hello hydration!

Keeping hydrated can be more difficult during Winter with the cold, dry air encouraging us to drink hot, caffeinated drinks. Stay on top of your health with these tips to help keep you hydrated during the colder months.

Ditch the caffeine buzz 

During cooler weather we are tempted to indulge in hot beverages including coffee and tea, but did you know caffeinated drinks can further dehydrate you?

Caffeine is a diuretic which means it will make you flush your system more, which means more trips to the bathroom; dehydrating your body. Cut back on your intake of caffeinated drinks especially in the afternoon and evening and opt for caffeine free alternatives like herbal teas which will keep you warm and hydrated this Winter. 

Eat water – rich foods

Hydration doesn’t just come from the fluids we drink but also the food we eat. Eating water-rich foods such as cherry tomatoes, cucumber, celery, melon, grapes and zucchini you can increase your hydration throughout the day. 

Add flavour to your bottled water

Water can be quite boring  to drink especially when it is recommended we drink at least 8 large glasses of water per day! Infuse your drink bottle with tasty, fresh flavours by adding  an Infusions tea bag (we recommend the Tetley’s infusion range) and/ or slices of citrus (lemons, limes and or oranges) cucumber. If you are really missing the taste and fizz of soft drink simply add an Infusions tea bag to sparkling water, a natural alternative. 

Carry a water bottle with you 

People forget to drink water. It’s a common excuse for dehydration. Make it a healthy habit to carry a water bottle with you during the day you are more likely to drink from it.  It is a great physical reminder to keeping sipping water throughout the day. 

Layer Up!

Cosying up in layered clothing during colder weather will insulate your body from the cold helping your body to retain water and keep you feeling hydrated. So layer an under shirt under that cosy knit jumper, invest in long socks to wear with your winter boots and splurge on knit scarves and beanies to keep you warm while you enjoy the outdoors this winter or while snuggled round the fireplace with a good book.