Home schooling tips

Home schooling tips

Home schooling during the Greater Sydney COVID-19 lockdown has been a strain on families and teachers in delivering education to your child at home. To help you and your kids stay motivated for daily learning here are 5 tips to help make at home learning easier and more enjoyable.

1) Set up a designated work space for school work and set times for learning

Dedicate a space in your home to at home learning. Whether you have the luxury of a home office or a simple set up of a desk and chairs, defining a space for learning is important in providing the resources for your child to engage in online/ remote learning. Make sure the space is well-light and comfortable.

2) Have a daily homeschooling schedule

Map out the daily tasks you and your child need to complete for your homeschooling to be a success each day. From individual learning tasks to assignment research and free play/free time, it is important to break up your day in achievable blocks including breaks for the bathroom and meal times. By creating a clear plan each day you can both tick off each learning task as you go with the goal of free time/free play to stretch your legs outdoor or unwind at the end of the homeschooling session.

3) Maintain contact with your child’s teacher

Check in with your child’s teacher regularly and any time you have a question. Teachers are here to support you during this time. Stay in contact with your child’s teacher for ongoing support for you and your child.

4) Don’t try to recreate school at home

Use the resources supplied by your teacher/s as much as possible to eliminate the need to create school at home. You are not a school teacher and that’s is perfectly fine. If you are looking for ways to better explain a concept or task, consult with your teacher/s for a relevant worksheet or resources to use at home.

5) Get some fresh air and exercise each day

Take a break each day after home schooling to enjoy some time outdoors, recharge and unwind. The kids will love stretching their legs for some exercise and free play and it will give you a chance to clear your mind after a day of teaching.