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Make A New Years’ Resolution You Can Stick With For 2021

Make A New Years’ Resolution You Can Stick With For 2021


After the difficult year we have had in 2020, it is easy to get swept up in the silly season and make unrealistic New Years’ resolutions which will come unstuck by January 2nd.

When making your New Years resolution it is important to be realistic and make resolutions or goals that are worthwhile.

The best way to approach your New Years’ resolution is to:

  1. Start small. For example, set small goals that affect your wellbeing and happiness which Withalready exist within your everyday routine, such as, I will use my mobile phone for 1 hour less per day. A small, realistic goal using a habit within your everyday routine with worthwhile benefits like better sleep and greater connectivity with your family and friends by being ‘present’. Choose a small, beneficial goal that can be built upon.
  2. Be realistic. Set realistic resolutions. Be real with yourself and do not set resolutions or goals for yourself which are unrealistic.
  3. Break down larger goals into manageable tasks. For larger resolutions such as starting your own business, buying your first house or changing career, break your larger goals into tasks which can be achieved in sequence. For example, to buy your first home you will need a deposit and healthy credit. So manageable tasks for this goal could be setting a budget for your spending and monthly savings targets, paying off your debts or loans and speaking with a financial advisor to get you on the right track towards achieving your goal.

Here are some idea for where to start with your New Years’ resolution/s for 2021:

  1. To enjoy life more.
  2. To eat better and exercise more.
  3. To learn something new.
  4. To manage money better.
  5. To be more present in the moment.

Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy and bright 2021!