Paint without a canvas!

Paint without a canvas!


Mess it up with this awesome kids sensory activity

Primary Colour Squishy Bags

Paint and mix colours without a canvas with this easy, kid-friendly activity. The kids will love learning about how primary colours mix together to form secondary colours with Primary Colour Squishy Bags.


  • 3 x large zip-lock bags
  • Red, yellow and blue poster paint
  • A marker
  • Sticky tape


  1. Place the two coloured paints: red & blue, yellow & red and yellow and blue in the opposite corners of each of the 3 x large zip lock bags.
  2. Seal the bags with sticky tape and tape the squishy bags to a flat surface.
  3. Encourage your child to gently press and push the paints to the centre of the bag to blend. Using your fingers gently rub the paint to mix and blend.
  4. Watch as the colours blend together. Make predictions and talk about what is happening throughout the process. Use descriptive language.
  5. Label and name each colour throughout and talk about the new colours that they see.
  6. Enhance the learning experience by asking your child questions about the colours such as: which two colours made green? Name other objects that are green? Can you go and find me something that is green? What do you see?