The ‘Grab & Go’ Bag

Life is busy. Between juggling work, kids, home life and social commitments the odd reminder about swimming lessons or a spur of the moment kids sleepover at a friend’s house can slip your mind.

A simple solution is colour-coded, waterproof ‘Grab & Go’ bags. Visit your local stationery or discount store and invest in coloured, plastic, zip – lock bags that can be packed with a fresh set of clothes for each child in your household and stored in a box near the front door. If you have multiple kids, ensure you choose a separate colour for each child. 

The ‘Grab & Go’ bags packed in advance with a set of clean clothes ensure you pack your kids off to a sleepover with a friend or to be picked up for babysitting at grandma’s house with a full change of clothing. This also means that if you are running late you can quickly grab the bag for each child and throw them in your bag and go!

Waterproof bags are recommended so that the wet or dirty clothing can come home in the ‘Grab & Go’ bag as well. Stress-less with this inexpensive life hack which will save you time trying to find a clean, co-ordinated outfit for each child for those spur of the moment events.