Chop Butchery

Chop Butchery

Finest quality butcher and food products. 

From the day it was born, Chop Butchery’s mission has been quite simple: to combine the most delicious, high-quality meat and food products with an exceptional experience and service, both through over the counter at our physical and online.

Today, Chop Butchery is seen as a destination for those looking to elevate their food experience. From every-day families all the way to food enthusiasts and food professionals. We attribute our success and market recognition to a true passion and love for the best meat and food products and a deep understanding of what customer service excellence looks like.

We believe that everyone should have access to amazingly delicious high quality meat and products. It is for that reason that we have built a solid network of physical stores powered by our main distribution and production hub in Richmond NSW. From here, we are able to share our passion for food with hundreds of customers every week. Whether we are lucky enough to meet you in person, or deliver to your family or business through our online ordering system, you can rest sure we will create something truly special for you.

Finally, our range has been put together with you, our valued customer in mind. Our meat has been ethically sourced and selected from the most reputable suppliers. We dry-age in-house, make our own sausages, pasta, beef patties and more. All to make sure you are always able to find something new and exciting to add to your menu at Chop Butchery.