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How To Make Your Table Look Magical This Christmas


A popular decorating Christmas hack this silly season is the easy pool noodle table runner decorations. Using a pool noodle, hot glue gun, Christmas baubles and faux florals your table will be dressed to impress this Christmas lunch!

To create the noodle table runner you will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Pool noodle 
  • Christmas baubles
  • A selection of flowers, selections and Christmas decorations
  • Wire or rod to place in the Centre of the pool noodle.

How to create the table runner:

  1. Working on a flat surface fed a rod through the centre of the pool noodle to keep it from bending. 
  2. Use the hot glue gun to attach the Christmas baubles, working your way along the pool noodle to build up the look. 
  3. Once the baubles are securely attached work on filling all of the gaps with a selection of flowers, leaves and Christmas decorations. 
  4. Spray the table runner with gold glitter aerosol spray or fake snow!


Pro tip: For a premium look, purchase a Christmas wreath and cut it into stems to get the extra foliage to cover the spaces across the runner.