DIY Mini Rosemary Wreaths

DIY Mini Rosemary Wreaths

Offering everlasting fragrance, this sustainable craft offers hours of endless fun creating mini rosemary wreaths to decorate your home in commemoration of ANZAC Day.

Once you are finished displaying your wreaths you can remove the sprigs of rosemary to add to your cooking!

What you’ll need:

  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Rosemary bush sprigs
  • Wire wreath frame (6 inches – check out the range at Spotlight)
  • Green floristry wire
  • Red ribbon to hang (optional)


  1. Cut long stems of rosemary fresh from your garden or ask a friendly neighbour,
  2. Bunch the 2 – 3 stems of rosemary into small bundles.
  3. Secure the first bunch to the wire wreath frame using green floristry wire and your wire cutters, to wrap the wire around the bundle and the wreath frame, securing the bunch firmly to the frame.
  4. Overlay the next small bundle of rosemary stems slightly on top of the first bundle covering the stems of bundle 1 to give the wreath a layered effect.
  5. Secure the second bundle to the wreath frame using the floristry wire and wire cutters. See Step 3.
  6. Continue layering the bundles and securing the rosemary to the frame until the wreath frame is hidden.