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  • Self-care 101: How to enhance your wellbeing by taking time out for yourself.

Self-care 101: How to enhance your wellbeing by taking time out for yourself.

Self-care 101: How to enhance your wellbeing by taking time out for yourself.


In this ever-chaotic world it is important to take the time to look after yourself. With work, study, relationships and/or kids to juggle putting “me time” on the back burner is easily done, however this can lead us to feeling run-down, overwhelmed and anxious.

Introducing self-care.

So what is self-care?
Self-care is any action or behaviour that helps a person avoid health problems and enhance our wellbeing. Self – care behaviours help to provide balance in our lives to keep us healthy, happy and in tune with our mental and physical wellness.

Be kind to yourself and make self - care a priority.
Here are some easy ways to press pause on the noise of the world and focus on your mental and physical health:

Walk it out
Pound the pavement with a brisk 30 minute walk daily to boost your mood and reduce stress. A natural mood booster exercise is great for your mental and physical health.

Pay it forward
Helping others boosts your mental health and may also lead to a longer life. There are many ways to pay it forward in your everyday life from paying for a strangers order to volunteering at a local community organisation. By making others happy you will also get a little happy, positively affecting your self-confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing.

Set boundaries to reduce stress
Turn off your work phone, move your wok emails off of your personal phone and unplug after work to take time out for yourself to decompress of an evening/weekend to rest and recharge. Setting healthy boundaries within your work life, relationship and family life is important in reducing stress and looking after yourself.

Pick up a good book
Research suggests that reading on a regular basis keeps the mind sharp as we age. Being a book worm improves your sleep and make you more empathic, an overall well-rounded person.  Pick up your favourite read in paper back copy or invest in a e-book device such as a Kindle for access to a range of books and genres.

Book a trip
Beat the 9 to 5 blues with a holiday booing to look forward to! Vacationing is good for your health in reducing stress and help your refresh and recharge, spark creativity and build priceless memories. Make time for yourself and your loved ones with a well-deserved holiday as everyone deserves a break.

Get more sleep
Prioritise getting at least 8 hours of quality sleep per night. Skimping out on quality shut-eye can impact your job productivity, make you over-indulge on caffeine and make you opt for larger food portions. For quality sleep try to minimise screen time before bed - unplug at least 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Indulge in a massage
Treat yourself to a soothing massage once in a while, to help you unwind. Massages have soothing and calming healing for your muscles and mind, improving your sleep quality and reducing stress. Book a massage today at Hua’s Massage by calling: (02) 9833 0051.

Declutter your home
A clutter home can clutter your mind and become overwhelming. Make time to organise your home to suit your lifestyle and declutter items you are not enjoying to make room for items that bring you happiness. Don’t take this on in one day, try to tackle each area of you house/living area, space by space each week.

Indulge in some retail therapy
Splurging with a little bit of retail therapy is a surefire way to light up your face with a smile. It doesn’t have to be a shopping spree, simply a new top or pair or earrings you have been lusting over is a healthy way to reward yourself for being the awesome person you are and celebrating your style and identity. Don’t be foolish with your money, but, also don’t deprive yourself of nice things through a misplaced sense of guilt.