Reverse Vending Machine Now Available

Be rewarded for recycling bottles, cans and cartons to support the environment

We are actively implementing sustainable initiatives and reducing the waste that heads straight to the land fill, while rewarding our customers.

St Marys Village has now installed a Reverse Vending Machine that enables our customers to recycle their bottles, cans and cartons claiming a $0.10 refund on each deposit. The machine accepts glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and liquid paperboard (cartons).

These refunds can be collected in three ways;  

  1. gifted to one of the charity / organisation partners listed on the machine
  2. deposited into your PayPal account by scanning myTOMRA app on a smart phone
  3. you can chose to receive a voucher to be redeemed at Woolworths at St Marys Village.

The Reverse Vending Machine is located in the first car park off the Great Western Highway.

For more information please refer to the Vending Machine for contact details plus terms and conditions. 

Centre Management is also here to help and happy to answer any questions. Call 9623 7700 during office hours or email us  -